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CUSTOM Two Headed Bunny Plushie

CUSTOM Two Headed Bunny Plushie

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This bunny is the perfect stuffed companion! It’s made with chenille yarn, making it perfectly soft and cuddly!

Each part of the bunny is sewn together, so be gentle and don’t tug on them


This is a CUSTOM bunny! Please leave your 2 choice colours in the order notes. The email used at checkout MUST be valid as I will use it to confirm the exact shades / reach out to you if I am unable to access a colour you have chosen. If your email is not correct and I cannot reach you to sort out exact colours, you will NOT receive a refund and may receive a bunny that is not the correct shade and/or no bunny at all if the colour(s) you have chosen are completely inaccessible. 


You may choose any 2 colours you’d like as all colours are an option, the only issue may be with if a colour is sold out, which is when you will be notified via email to choose a new colour.


Bunny may take 2-5 weeks to make and ship.


NOTE: all plushies are unique and come out looking a little different than the last, so they may not be EXACTLY as shown in the photo

*pattern by @rin.meow21 on Instagram

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