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CUSTOM Granny Cardigan

CUSTOM Granny Cardigan

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This cardigan is custom made to your measurements and will fit all sizes!


MEASUREMENTS: To get your cardigan size, please measure from the top of your shoulder down your body until you reach the length you’d like your cardigan to be and put the measurement (in inches) in the order notes at checkout. Please also round up to the nearest inch. Never round down as it may result in your cardigan being too small.


SIZING: Baby cardigans can go up to 13”, kids cardigans can go from 14” - 19”, and adult cardigans are 20” and up. Regardless of age, please select baby, kid, or adult based on where your measurement falls.


PLEASE NOTE: the body length and arm length of the cardigan will be the SAME! Please do not worry if the length you measured will be too long for your arms as the arm cuffs are cinched to ensure they will stay on your arms and not appear too long. However, please beware that if you choose a cropped cardigan, you will likely also receive a short sleeved cardigan (if you’re choosing a cropped / short sleeved cardigan, i recommend also putting in the order notes “no sleeve cuffs” so that you are not receiving cinched cuffs meant for the wrist) 


Model Details:

- Adult Model typically wears a size XL and is wearing a 24” cardigan in the colour “Rainbow Jellys”

- Kid model typically wears a women’s XS or kids size 10/12 and is wearing a 16” cardigan in the colour “Grape Jelly”

- Baby model is 2 months old and is wearing a 9” cardigan in the colour “Toffee Brickle”


MADE TO ORDER: This item is CUSTOM and made to order! Please allow 3-7 weeks for item to be made and shipped out

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